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Turn every quiz into a chance to connect and convert. Find out what your audience loves, tailor your offers, and watch casual clicks turn into loyal customers!

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Did You Know?

Quizzes are the only lead magnet that deliver results to your audience while also providing you with insightful data


Quizzes are like having a chat with your audience that benefits you both. While your audience gets personalized results, you get a treasure trove of data about their preferences and needs. It’s a win-win—fun on the front end, and insights on the back end!

Drive Engagement. Drive Results

High Conversion Rates:

Quizzes have an average conversion rate of around 40-50%, which is significantly higher compared to other lead magnets like eBooks or webinars.

Lead Generation:

79% of marketers say interactive content such as quizzes are effective at educating the buyer. 70% of marketers claim that quizzes are successful in generating leads and capturing valuable data about prospects.

Data Collection:

Quizzes provide valuable insights into audience preferences, behaviors, and needs, which can be used to tailor marketing strategies and content.

Email List Growth:

Businesses using quizzes as lead magnets often see substantial growth in their email lists. Some report an increase of 300-500% in their subscriber base.

Why Rent Your Quiz,
When You Can Own It


The Quiz Creator

  Host Directly on Your Website - Lives There Forever

  Affordable One Time Fee

 ✔ Create Unlimited Quizzes

  Unlimited Quiz Participants

  Customize to Your Brand

Other Quiz Platforms

✘ Hosted on Their Website - Cancel & Lose Access to Your Quiz

✘ Hefty Monthly Fees

✘ Limited Quiz Creation

✘ Quiz Participant Caps

✘ No Custom Branding


The only tool of its kind that let's you own what you build by allowing you to host your quiz directly on your website without a monthly fee or restrictions! The Quiz Creator is entirely different from other quiz creation tools and platforms. 

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How It Works

Your Quiz, Your Rules: How to Get Started

  1. Design Your Quiz: Customize the colors, questions, and answers directly in our user-friendly interface.
  2. Generate the Code: With a click, generate the code for your quiz.
  3. Easily Embed on Your Site: No messing with code! With the click of a button, your entire code is copied. Then, paste it into your site's custom code block. Instantly, your quiz is live!
  4. Collect and Grow: Watch as your quiz collects emails and engages users, growing your audience effortlessly.

Master Your Marketing
with Smart Segmentation

Go from confined to confident when you use a quiz designed to segment, enlighten, and convert. With The Quiz Creator, you can tailor your marketing strategies with precision, ensuring the right message reaches the right people at the right time.

Bring Order and Purpose to Your Email List

Our Quiz Creator helps you categorize participants based on their answers, enabling you to send targeted emails that resonate deeply. 

Promote Multiple Offers with One Quiz

Craft a single quiz that cleverly promotes various offers depending on the quiz taker's preferences. Each answer path can lead to a different product, service, or piece of content, maximizing your opportunities from a single entry point.

Pair Your Quiz with a Lead Magnet

Enhance the effectiveness of your quizzes by coupling them with a compelling lead magnet you already have in your arsenal. This one-two punch strategy ensures higher opt-in rates and provides your audience with immediate value, reinforcing their decision to engage with your brand.

Features That Matter


100% Optimized for Mobile

Don't worry about whether your quiz will work on mobile devices. Your quizzes come ready for mobile viewing

Use photos or GIFs on your Questions

Add photos or GIFs to some, or all, of your questions to add some visual appeal to your quiz. 

Customize Where Your Users get Their Results

Send your leads directly to any landing page to see their results or Embed your own Sign Up forms into the quiz


Integrate right with your existing platforms 

Embed your quizzes anywhere on your site. On it's own landing page, smack dab in the middle of your Home Page, on a sales page....anywhere.

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying


"Thank you for this! It came at a perfect time. I was very suprised by its ease of use and flexibility of the Quiz Creator. The one-time payment model is a game changer, making it very affordable compared to services I’ve used in the past. Absolutely recommend it for anyone looking to boost their digital marketing!"

Samantha T., Digital Marketer

"The freedom to create unlimited quizzes without any recurring fees is exactly what I needed. I’ve seen a 400% increase in my subscriber base since I started using the Quiz Creator. It’s easy to use, even for someone with no tech background like myself, and the fact that the quizzes are mine to keep on my site forever is fantastic. A big thumbs up!"

 Maria L., Freelance Writer

"Wow, the Quiz Creator is a total game-changer for my blog! I set up my first quiz in no time at all, and it’s been awesome seeing all the interaction it’s sparked. Thank you so much for making this!"

Tori G., Lifestyle Blogger

Special Launch Price



One Time Fee!

Take advantage of our introductory price of just $97 and unlock the full potential of your marketing with unlimited quizzes, unlimited questions, and unlimited participant engagements.  No additional fees, ever.


Exclusive Bonus Offer: A Creator’s Guide to Quizzes

To celebrate the launch of our new website, the first 50 people to purchase The Quiz Creator will receive ‘A Creator’s Guide to Quizzes’ for FREE. This 20-page comprehensive guide is packed with expert tips, strategies, and resources to help you create quizzes that not only engage but also convert. Don’t miss out on this essential tool for maximizing your quiz success!

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